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An online survey of Australian physicians reported practice with the off-label use of nebulised frusemide

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The majority of respondents (41/52; 79%) to the survey were palliative care consultants with 38/52 (73%) having dual Fellowships to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and/or the Chapter of Palliative Medicine. The seniority of the clinicians who answered the survey was also reflected in the median length of time the respondents had been working in palliative care (14 years; interquartile range [IQR] 6 to 17). Responses were received from all six states in Australia with the majority of responses (41/51; 80%) coming from the three most populated states (New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland). One respondent did not answer this item. Physicians reported practice related to nebulised frusemide The majority of respondents (44/52; 85%) had not used nebulised frusemide in the previous 12 months. The main reason cited for not using it were that they (18/44; 41%) believed there was not enough evidence to support its use whilst only 6/44 (14%) were not convinced by its efficacy. Figure 1 provides the full results for this item. One respondent replied that they had not used nebulised frusemide in the previous 12 months because they were on maternity leave. Figure 1 . Reasons for not using nebulised frusemide in the previous 12 months(n = 43). Only a small percentage of respondents (8/52; 15%) reported using nebulised frusemide in the previous 12 months. Based on their experience of nebulised frusemide, the majority (6/8; 75%) indicated that there was at least some use for nebulised frusemide. When asked where in the treatment hierarchy nebulised frusemide should be used, the majority (6/8; 75%) said that it should be used as a fourth line treatment.



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