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Medical Mafia, Insurance Racket And Obamacare Collaborate To Control Health, Public Ignorance And Profits

Now that Americans for Prosperity (AFP), considered a Koch brothers-funded right-wing front group, has sponsored at least one TV commercial in Michigan, where cancer patient Julie Boonstra claimed to have lost her insurance due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Her short AFP-funded ad hit all the talking points: Obama lied (nothing new there), she lost her good plan and couldn’t find a comparable replacement, and now she’s concerned about living or dying since she can’t afford the new plan. She also publicly blasted her congressional representative, now running for senator, Gary Peters, for voting in approval of Obamacare and “threatening her health.” Julie came across as a decent, earnest soccer-mom type with leukemia. Good emotional ad, but the devil’s in the details, and Julie missed a couple, which unfortunately left her and the AFP wide open for attack from hardcore Democrats. One source criticizes the ad without the usual oppositional party rancor. “The Fact Checker,” a Washington Post column, did a thorough analysis to determine that, if Julie had really tried hard and were more thorough, there was indeed a plan that would have worked to handle all needs. The columnist recognized her angst as a cancer patient trying to figure out a complicated system, so he gave her story a “two Pinocchios” rating. He’s given Obama four Pinocchios, the highest lie ranking, on more than one occasion. So he’s not just a party man. Both political sides have sponsored ads, with the Democrats showing happy new Obamacare customers and Republicans showing disgruntled Obamacare castoffs. And both have had factual reasons to attack the other side’s TV ad campaigns.

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Sanjay Gupta ‘Doubles Down’ On Support For Medical Marijuana

Chafee won accolades for his honesty in acknowledging he used marijuana and cocaine as a 1970s student at Brown University.” 35: Matt Damon The first time I smoked was at home with my mother and step-father. 34: Conan O’Brien Ive tried pot, but it doesnt do much for me. 33: Susan Sarandon “Cocaine didn’t interest me. Not at all. I’m way way back in the early pot” 32: Andrew Sullivan “The blogger and commentator Andrew Sullivan was busted in July for possessing a small amount of marijuana within the Cape Cod National Seashore.” 31: John Hickenlooper “As I’ve already been open about in the past — and as I assume many would expect — I made personal choices when I was younger that I neither support nor condone for others and certainly wouldn’t encourage through public policy.” 30: Seth MacFarlane “I don’t smoke much pot anymore.” 29: Martha Stewart “Of course I know how to roll a joint.” 28: Angelina Jolie the one that has the worst effect for me was pot. I felt silly and giggly – I hate feeling like that. 27: Morgan Freeman “Never give up the ganja.” 26: David Letterman I went through one period when I smoked a surprising, a really breath-taking, amount of grass almost every night. 25: Jennifer Aniston I enjoy it once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation. I wouldn’t call myself a pot-head. 24: Michael Phelps [Phelps] firmly denies that he takes drugs, suggesting that the notorious photo of him smoking from a bong was a one-time lapse of judgment. 23: Tom Brokaw what I did was experiment with a little marijuana like a lot of other people and walked away 22: Ted Turner “CNN anchor Gwen Scott claimed it is common knowledge that Turner sits in his office and smokes marijuana.” 21: Brad Pitt I was hiding out from the celebrity thing, I was smoking way too much [marijuana]. 20: Lady Gaga “I smoke a lot of pot when I write music.” 19: Michael Bloomberg “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it.” 18: George Clooney The owner of a local cannabis cafe told reporters George Clooney was no stranger there. 17: Rush Limbaugh “I wouldnt have been able to make it through hundreds of shows if it werent for the benefits of medical marijuana” 16: LeBron James James also revealed he and his teammates smoked marijuana one night after getting access to a hotel room in Akron. 15: Sanjay Gupta “I have tried it.” 14: Rand Paul “According to this woman, who requested anonymity because of her current job as a clinical psychologist, “He and Randy came to my house, they knocked on my door, and then they blindfolded me, tied me up, and put me in their car. They took me to their apartment and tried to force me to take bong hits. They’d been smoking pot.” 13: Andrew Cuomo “I did experiment with marijuana when I was a youth.” 12: George W. Bush “I wouldn’t answer the marijuana questions.

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